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T.D. Said

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Taunya Said has the ability to keep you bent over in laughter. Although she can overwhelm you with her daily antics, every now and then you may be able to find her serious side. Taunya resides in Maryland with her loved ones.

She works for the Federal Government and has a MBA in Business Administration. Her writing experience ranges from technical writing of government policies to a former local recording artist who expressed lyrically through years of songwriting.

Taunya won the 2007 Creative Communication Poetry Contest, with her poem “My Impression” which was published in “Celebrate! Poets Speak Out”. This gave her the extra confidence to share her contagious sense of humor and led to Taunya creating a hilarious Smart Alec-Alex chapter book series.

Taunya is still a kid at heart. Her personality overwhelms you with laugher as she constantly draws you in with her many stories. She’s very creative and loves to write!

“It all started on a slow night on my part-time job as a telemarketer. I was bored to pieces, finding it hard to sit still, trying to convince patrons to take a survey that not even I would be interested in taking. In between calls, I started thinking about things I did as a child and compared them with the things my daughter does and I started to write. My daughter and I are known to be smart alecks. Within two weeks, I had completed my first book. I laughed my whole way through it!”


Changing Schools and Classroom Rules

Smart Alec Alex

T.D. Said - Children's Chapter Series

Ages 8-12

Published October 2019

80 Pages

Language: English

Dimensions: 5 x 0.19 x 8 Inches

ISBN-13: 978-1-696-03320-6

(Amazon Paperback)

Ebook $2.99 on Amazon

​Paperback $9.99 on Amazon

Changing Schools and Classroom Rules


Alexandria P. Knowitall, also known as Smart Alec Alex, is a 6th grader at T.K Spittle Middle School. Alex thinks she is the smartest kid in the school, but in reality, she is a smart aleck. With her snappy comebacks and her “I’m always right” attitude, Alex definitely does not “know it all”.

In Smart Alec Alex   “Changing schools and Classroom Rules”, Alex is faced with doing things like the “Middle School” kids.

Changing classes—“Boy this is new, I’m not sure we’re going to like this. I wonder what my BFF’s will think.”

Allow me to introduce you to my BFF’s: First, we have Candice Smug. Candice worries about her looks. “I hope I can check my hair in between classes. Is there a mirror around?” says Candice. Calvin Clueless is a nervous little guy who repeats everything twice. Don’t you Calvin? “It’s true, it’s true. I do, I do,” says Calvin. He’s pretty smart too. And then there’s my flower child, Sissy Sillington, who is silly and laughs at everything, "LOL, stop it….I don’t laugh at everything,” giggles Sissy.

As Alex rotates from class to class with her three favorite buddies, they find themselves amazingly amused by the whacky personalities of each teacher. The Art teacher is a whimsical lady, who is all over the place, dipping and dodging around the class like a leaf blowing in the wind. The English teacher is confusing, she speaks French/English with a country accent and wears a beret with country clothing and the Math teacher is so short, he has to carry around a stool to stand on just to teach the class.

This is the first chapter book of the Smart Alec Alex series. Join Alex on a hilarious ride as you follow her day-to-day capers as a smart-aleck 6th Grader, AKA Alexandria P. Knowitall.


Braces and Glasses, Imagine That!

T.D. Said - Children's Chapter Series

Ages 8-12

Published March. 2020

124 Pages

Language: English

Dimensions: 5 x 0.31 x 8 inches

ISBN-13: 978-0578657707

(Amazon Paperback)

Ebook $2.99 on Amazon ​

Paperback $12.99 on Amazon​​

Braces and Glasses, Imagine That!


In the Smart Alec Alex Series, Changing Schools and Classroom Rules, Alex's mom suggests she MAY need braces, due to her overbite.

“What is an overbite? I don’t overbite my food, I chew like smart kids,” Alex says. Alex is not thrilled about it, but she tries to keep a positive attitude to save face in front of her pals, who encourage and assure her she will be fine.

“No sweat, dudette, you’re gonna be okie dokie. If anyone teases you, we’ll tickle them silly,” says a giggling Sissy.

“Don’t worry, worry Alex, your teeth will be, will be straight and and pretty, you’ll see,” says Calvin.

“Alex girl, I have your back, and when it’s all said and done, you are going to look fabulous… me!” says Candice.

Now Alex’s vision seems weird and a little off. Does she need glasses too? But Smart Alec Alex just rolls with the antics and looks forward to the outcome. Alex is curious and so are we.

So what will happen next?


The Vacation From...Hello Operator, Help!

T.D. Said - Children's Chapter Series

Ages 8-12

Published November 2020

106 Pages

Language: English

Dimensions: 5 x 0.27 x 8 inches

ISBN-13: 979-8556074002

(Amazon Paperback)

Ebook $2.99 on Amazon ​

Paperback $12.99 on Amazon​​

The Vacation From... Hello Operator, Help!


“Hey Gang, Alexandria P. Knowitall here, AKA Smart Alec-Alex. It’s spring break for T.K. Spittle Middle School and we have a week off from school to do whatever we want to do! So, me and my three buddies, Candice, Sissy and Calvin are going to spend the time at my Grandma Gheema’s house. Grandma lives in Woodcrack Louisiana. We’re going to have to take an old boat across the creepy bayou, where legend has it there’s a slimy gator monster creeping around.​


“Hey dude and dudettes, I know this sounds scary, but we’ll have tons of fun!​“


"Alex, Alex, are you sure this is okay, this is okay,” says a nervous Calvin.


​“Eww, look at this yucky stuff, I think we need to turn back, it’s hot and my hair is getting frizzy,” Candice looks scared.


“HA! I’m not afraid of no monsters,” smirks Sissy.​


“You go, girl – I’m sure Grandma Gheema will have some surprises in her house!” I say.


​Join Alex on a hilarious ride as you follow her and her buddies’ ghostly ghoul capers in the third book of the Smart Alec-Alex series


Cheerleading into some Mess!

T.D. Said - Children's Chapter Series

Ages 8-12

Published August 2022


Language: English

Dimensions: 5 x 0.28 x 8 inches

ISBN-13: 979-8986619101

(Amazon Paperback)

Ebook $2.99 on Amazon ​

Paperback $9.99 on Amazon​​

Cheerleading into
some Mess!


Alex and Candice's friendship will be tested to see if they are true friends or not. Candice falls under the peer pressure of the T.K. Spittle Middle School cheerleaders, who are trying to come between her and Alex’s friendship. The two girls must decide if the cheerleading squad is worth ruining the friendship they’ve built since they were 5 years old. Find out what happens in Smart Alec Alex - Cheerleading Into Some Mess!

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