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The Vacation From... Hello Operator, Help! 

“Hey Gang, Alexandria P. Knowitall here, AKA Smart Alec-Alex. It’s spring break for T.K. Spittle Middle School and we have a week off from school to do whatever we want to do! So, me and my three buddies, Candice, Sissy and Calvin are going to spend the time at my Grandma Gheema’s house. Grandma lives in Woodcrack Louisiana. We’re going to have to take an old boat across the creepy bayou, where legend has it there’s a slimy gator monster creeping around.

“Hey dude and dudettes, I know this sounds scary, but we’ll have tons of fun!

“Alex, Alex, are you sure this is okay, this is okay,” says a nervous Calvin.

“Eww, look at this yucky stuff, I think we need to turn back, it’s hot and my hair is getting frizzy,” Candice looks scared.

“HA! I’m not afraid of no monsters,” smirks Sissy.

“You go, girl – I’m sure Grandma Gheema will have some surprises in her house!” I say.

Join Alex on a hilarious ride as you follow her and her buddies’ ghostly ghoul capers in the third book of the Smart Alec-Alex series.

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