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Alexandria P. Knowitall, also known as Smart Alec Alex, is a new 6th grader at T.K Spittle Middle School. Alex thinks she is the smartest kid around and knows-it-all, but in reality, it's just her last name. With her snappy comebacks and her “confident” attitude, Alex certainly does not “know-it-all”.

"Allow me to introduce you to my BFFs: First, we have Candice Smugg. Candice loves to look her best. “I hope I can check myself in between classes. Is there a mirror in the girl's bathroom?” says Candice. Calvin Clueless is a nervous little guy who repeats everything twice. Don’t you Calvin? “It’s true, it’s true. I do, I do,” says Calvin. He’s pretty smart in math and science too. And then there’s my flower child, Sissy Sillington, who is silly and laughs at everything, "LOL, stop it….I don’t laugh at everything,” giggles Sissy. She's loads of fun." We have been friends forever, says Alex.

Alex and her buddies will rotate from class to class and face the challenges of being a middle schooler. Will they make it through their first year?

Changing Schools and Classroom Rules 

This is the first chapter book of the Smart Alec Alex series. Join Alex on a hilariously life-changing ride as you follow her day-to-day capers as a smart-aleck 6th Grader.

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