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Taunya T. D. Said has the ability to keep you bent over in laughter. Although she can overwhelm you with her daily antics, every now and then you may be able to find her serious side. Taunya resides in Maryland with her loved ones.

She works for the Federal Government and has a MBA in Business Administration. Her writing experience ranges from technical writing of government policies to a former local recording artist who expressed lyrically through years of songwriting.

Taunya won the 2007 Creative Communication Poetry Contest, with her poem “My Impression” which was published in “Celebrate! Poets Speak Out”. This gave her the extra confidence to share her contagious sense of humor and led to Taunya creating a hilarious Smart Alec-Alex chapter book series.

Taunya is still a kid at heart. Her personality overwhelms you with laugher as she constantly draws you in with her many stories. She’s very creative and loves to write!

“It all started on a slow night on my part-time job as a telemarketer. I was bored to pieces, finding it hard to sit still, trying to convince patrons to take a survey that not even I would be interested in taking. In between calls, I started thinking about things I did as a child and compared them with the things my daughter does and I started to write. My daughter and I are known to be smart alecks. Within two weeks, I had completed my first book. I laughed my whole way through it!”


THE Rhyme To My Reason 

All children of different ethnicity want to see themselves represented when searching for a sense of belonging. During my childhood the options were limited. In today’s society, there are books that display the differences in some cultures, more than others.

I created the Smart Alec Alex chapter books to give young African American children a hilarious series that relates to the antics in their normal everyday lives.

The series is for everyone, but it focuses on African American kids and it concentrates on fun! It frees the child’s mind from the concerns and pressure of everyday life.


Smart Alec Alex is pure entertainment!

                                                                                                    -T. D Said

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